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Keshfeel Nature’S Gift Chandan Powder


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Keshfeel Nature’s Gift Chandan Powder Premium 1.76 OZ


Chandan is a very special thing and it is in use by people since ancient times. Chandan (sandalwood) keeps immense importance for many people because of its religious significance near to them. In Hindu manuscripts, one can easily found the discussion about the general and health benefits of chandan. It is widely used in hindu religious ceremonies and it is being used in such religious ceremonies in various forms. There are many benefits, which are associated with the use of chandan, and for getting benefitted from this natural thing, it is being bring into use in several forms. It can be used in the form of oral consumption of chandan and there are many products available, which have been made for the purpose of getting benefitted with chandan, by using it externally on the body.

Chandan In Beauty Products:

Chandan is widely used in beauty products and it is very beneficial for the health and beauty of face skin. The continuous use of chandan, makes the face skin soft, clean, healthy and glowing. The contents of chandan possess the ability of providing that much nutrients to face skin, which help the skin to get amazing health and that results in creation of glowing fairness on face. Chandan is also widely used in those products, which would have been prepared for the health and repair of skin. There are many factors like light burns, marks, acnes, pimples and sunlight, which become the reason of deterioration of face skin or skin on any other part of the body. For skin recovering from the deterioration, products made with chandan, can play a very important role.

Chandan In Medicines:

Chandan is also very helpful in many other problems related to human health and fitness. Chandan is widely used in such medicines, which would have been prepared for problems like fever, leucoderma, abdominal pain, pimples, headache, prickly heat, and genitourinary infections. It can be taken in the form of pills for producing sooth and coolness in the body and for treating other issues related to human health.

Keshfeel natures gift Chandan powder premium:

Through this product, the manufacturing company has tried to deliver the chandan in its very pure and natural form to the users of this marvelous gift by nature. In this product, chandan has been provided in powder form, which gives a variety of options to the users and it is up to them that in which form they bring it in their use. In powder form, chandan can be brought into use by making a paste of it with water or it can be mixed with other beneficial things for the face and then can be applied on the face.

Product Weight: 1.76 OZ (50 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place

Pakage: Plastic Jar

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