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Godrej is the most famous company of India in cosmetics products. It has made a product for the peoples of India and other world named Godrej Kali Mehndi. The main ingredient of Godrej Kali Mehndi is Natural Henna. But Godrej has added some herbal ingredients to improve its results and color. Godrej Kali Mehndi is a natural color dye with only natural and herbal extracts in it. Its Black color is due to the herbs added in it. These herbs includes Amla, Shikakai and Bhringraj in it. It is very easy to use.


  • Mehndi: Natural Hair Dye, also conditions your Hair.
  • Aritha: Natural Hair Cleanser
  • Amla: A Natural Hair Color and Antioxidant, Improves Hair Strength.
  • Shikakai: Controls Hair dandruff, premature graying
  • Bhringraj: Health of Hair & Scalp

Note: Godrej Kali Mehndi has no negative effect on skin or Hair, but those who have sensitive skin or Allergy problem should avoid to use it.

Manufactured By: Aura Cosmetics Pvt Ltd

Country Of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 0.32 OZ (9 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

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