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Ayur Rajasthani Henna Powder: 

Due to the increasing demand of Henna all over the world, Ayur Herbals has made a healthy and herbal mixture of natural Henna which gives amazing color and several benefits to your hair and scalp easily. Ayur Rajasthani Henna is one of the popular Henna Products in the market. It can be used for hair coloring and also for skin decorating. It is best for social events like marriages, EID, Dewali etc. Ayur Rajasthani Henna is based on herbal formulation which assures safe and healthy hair color and skin decoration.

Benefits of Ayur Rajasthani Henna Powder:

  • It is safe and healthy product
  • It does not have any side effect
  • It makes hair strong and thick
  • It maintains the moisture of your Hair
  • Free of overpowering smell
  • Keeps temperature of Scalp and body lower
  • Best for tattooing


For Hairs For Hands & Feet
Take and iron container Make the paste of Henna
Mix Ayur Rajasthani Henna with water Soak the paste for at least 3 hours
Mix Tea Liquor & coffee powder for better result Take an empty cone and fill it with the paste
Apply on Hairs equally Now, apply it on your hands or feet for designing
Wait for 2-3 hours to let it dry Give it time to dry and then wash your hand
Once it is dry, rinse it with water & use shampoo Do not use soap for long lasting coloring
For dandruff, add fresh curd in it before applying

Ingredients :
 Ayur Rajasthani Henna has Natural Henna Powder, Mint Extracts, Multani Mitti, Calamine Powder & Kaolin Powder.

Product Weight : 7.05 OZ (200 Grams)

Storage Instructions : Keep in Cool & Dry Place

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